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Welcome to our little piece on the internet.This is where we will share our sexual adventures with you. We are a happily married couple who have recently rediscoverd our sex. She is a little bit vanilla but is slowly opening up, he is very much anything goes.

Our Erotic Stories.

Spanking Fantasy.

As I walk up the path to your front door I can see it is slightly ajar like it is supposed to be. This tells me you are where you have been told to be. I enter your house and close the door behind me. I think of you stood waiting in anticipation of what is to come thinking to yourself. I wonder if that's him comeing into my house or is it someone else, this could be embarrassing if I'm seen like this. You are stood in your bedroom, naked but for your knickers and the blindfold around your head. Your hands are in cuffs, Your feet are apart held so by the spreader bar shackled to your ankles. Your nipples grow hard as the cold air comes up the stairs from the opening of the door.
You hear me on the stairs now, I come into the room and see that you have everything ready.
On the bed is a paddle, It is wooden about a foot long plus the handle, just the right length to smack both your cheeks at the same time.
You bend slightly leaning on the bed and your breasts hang down your nipples jut out just right for tweaking. I pick up the paddle and cares your bottom cheeks with it while rolling your nipple between my fingers. I squeeze your nipple hard as you pull away I land a perfectly aimed swat on your left butt cheek. You moan in pain or is it pleasure for you have yearned for this to happen.
You sway forward slightly with every spank, but the pain of my tight grip on your nipple keeps you from twisting away. The spanks sting and surprise you. You have always wonderd how good it would feel. Your bottom is becoming warm and you are beginning to gasp aloud with every swat. You feel yourself getting more excited, and I notice you twisting your body in an attempt to rub your thighs together. I run my hand down your back and trace the outline of your arse crack through your panties down between your thighs to your sex. The material is moist and I can smell the aroma of your juices. I feel your clit and hold it through the material. I can feel you trying to push down on my fingers, not this time young lady. You will have to wait if you want to feel your pussy full.


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